Media Kit

THM Booklet
Download the TheHomeMag® Media Kit or request a Printed Ad

The Media Kit is a collection of guidelines for advertising in TheHomeMag®. Download the mediakit now or request advertising info!

Print, Mobile & Web Test

We start with print because it works. Generating more than a million leads for advertising clients all across the country, we know that print advertising is still the backbone of local, community based marketing. We then compliment your print ad with FREE web and mobile offerings to enhance a truly comprehensive marketing solution for your home improvement business.

Tracking That Works

Always know who is calling with an integrated call tracking & management system. You'll never lose touch with a lead again and you may monitor your results from anywhere. Call-tracking proves your ad is working and guarantees an accurate calculation on your return on investment. We include this service at no charge with every ad to insure wasted dollars become a thing of the past.

TheHomeMag consistently proves to be the most powerful and quantifiable advertising resource available by affording local businesses to cost effectively reach their ideal customer. By specifically excluding apartments, home-renters, condominiums and office buildings, we are ensuring that only buyers with the desire and capacity to improve their homes are seeing your message. We are confident that by controlling the audience and the message, you have a far better opportunity of positively controlling the outcome. In our case, we marry the right audience with the right ad and we bring you powerful, profitable results month after month with a new wave of calls every issue.